3 Countries Later….

I have not had too much time to be online. Jay, Rio, Jodi and I spent 4 days in Switzerland, mostly in Zermatt. Zermatt is gorgeous, quaint and home to the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen–the Matterhorn. We all hiked up to the Hornlihutte, which is about 1000 feet from the top. Jay camped at the base and solo climbed to the summit the next morning. I am definitely getting past my fear of heights! The next stop was a spontaneous romp in Chamonix, France-home to the tallest mountain in Europe-Mt. Blanc. Absolutely stunning! I hope to post pics in a couple of weeks.

Next we headed to Cinque Terre, Italy for a coastal tour of the 5 villages and many hours of swimming in the sea. Gorgeous!

Finally, we headed to Lago Maggorie for a day of sight seeing. I thought Carmel, CA had some old money, but this place dates back to the 1500s with wealth and beauty. The temperature here was much more favorable than Cinque Terre which was very warm and humid.

Today we made our way to Milan and flew over to Split, Croatia to stay with Rios family on their island home. Our ferry leaves in a few hours and we will be there for 10 days or so. I am having a lovely time. Fighting a cold that Rio and Jay both have now, eating cheese, olives, bread, and fruit that is as sweet as candy for most meals. Life is good!!! I will miss saying Gratzi and Chow at every turn, but Croatia looks like an island HEAVEN.

2 thoughts on “3 Countries Later….

  1. Glad I got to “talk” to you. So glad you and your friends are able to take this cleansing holiday! Nothing like a pure, truthful, innocent atmosphere to clear up the head..glad there is no sinus trouble there…or any other kind! Stay safe and be careful!
    love you!

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