Holla Romans…I mean Hvala Roman Family! Zirje, Croatia

I had an absolutley stunning week with Jay, Jodi, Rio, Lolly, Mario & Claire on the island of Zirje!  The Roman family are just as warm and welcoming as the clear, blue water which surrounds the island.   Most of our time was spent snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and EATING Claire’s amazing food.  My favorite dish was krafi, a homemade ravioli stuffed with 5 cheeses and raisins in a fruit sauce made from fruit we picked from the family property that day.  Figs, plums, peaches, grapes, and blackberries were everywhere!  Rio’s sunset spot is gorgeous.  I am running a little low on internet time, so I will upload some pics which tell the story….Much love, Kaci

2 thoughts on “Holla Romans…I mean Hvala Roman Family! Zirje, Croatia

  1. Pictures are beautiful as well as you sitah. Looks like the time abroad is agreeing with you. Miss you like crazy back here. Be safe!!!! ~ Josie

  2. Hi red backpacks,
    We follow your tour description with real enthusiasm. Looks awesome, stay healthy and enjoy your trip !

    Best greetings


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