Dollars and Sense, Bra: Hilo, Hawaii

Seems like a lot of folks believe Hawaii is a terribly expensive place to visit.  While I am here, I would like to demonstrate to all that care to read that Hawaii can be affordable for the conscious budget traveler.  Here are the current costs of some common items:

  • Gas:  $4.17 per Gallon
  • Poke Salad (2 kinds of fish and sticky rice, easily feeds 2) at Suisan Fish Market: $6
  • Celery:  $1.59 per pound
  • 2 lb. Bag of Carrots:  $3.99
  • Adams Natural Peanut Butter 1 lb. Jar:  $3.99
  • Sweet Pineapple (Local):  $0.89 per pound
  • Garlic:  $2.50 per pound
  • White Onion:  $0.99 per pound
  • 12 oz.  Tofu:  $1.79
  • Lemon:  $0.50
  • 2 lb. Bag of Organic Brown Rice:  $5.99
  • Bag of Tostitos:  $3.00
  • Jar of Tostitos Salsa:  $3.19

Seems to be about even with the mainland.


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