Rupees & Sense: India

For those of you who are interested in visiting India one day, here are some facts and considerations from my perspective:

  • 5 Day Yoga & Mediation Course, 2 Classes Per Day:  $40
  • Daily 2 Hour Hatha Yoga Class:  $2
  • 20 Hour Train Sleeper Class (No A/C) from Mumbai to Goa:  $6
  • 1 L Budweiser:  $2.25
  • Bottle of Water:  30 cents
  • Flagyl Antibiotics to treat Giardia:  25 cents
  • Concrete Room with Private Bath & Fan:  $12/night
  • Bamboo Beach Shack with Mosquito Net & Bed:  $5/night
  • # of Local Men One can Expect to Take Your Picture Per Hour While in Your Bathing Suit (on a beach where EVERYONE is in a bathing suit):  2-3
  • Plate of Dal, Veg Curry, Chapati, Pakoda & Yogurt Salad (South Indian Thali Plate):  50 cents
  • Chance of Finding a Bug/Grub (dead or alive) in Your South Indian Thali Plate:  10%
  • Local 3 Hour Train Ride (you may or may not get a seat or be crushed to death while boarding):  50 cents
  • Used Book (good one) from Street Shop:  $5
  • 1 Month Yoga Teacher Training Including Room & Board:  $2000
  • Masala Chai Tea:  10-50 cents
  • Seeing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Billboard Outside of Mumbai Airport:  Priceless
  • Visit to Hindu Temple by Foreigner:  $2
  • Cow, Cat or Dog to Keep You Company at a Restaurant:  Free
  • # of Times One Bargains for Anything Other than Restaurant Food & Train Tickets:  Every
  • % of Local People Who Speak Intermediate English (in my experience):  55%
  • % of Local People Who Say “Yes” When Asked Any Question in English and Typically Before You Have Finished Your Sentence:  20%
  • # of Toilets w/TP and/or Soap:  0
  • Disparity Between the Rich and the Poor:  Boneshaking, Astounding and like NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN.

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