Trashy Travel Days

Have you ever noticed how much trash traveling generates? There are water bottles, plastic silverware, tiny packages of toiletries, travel sized food packets and endless napkins.

On my 6 hour and 14 minute Hawaiian Air flight passengers were offered:

  • a plastic beverage cup 6 times
  • a plastic and foil package of pretzels containing approximately 7 mini pretzels
  • a breakfast burrito wrapped in its own plastic container accompanied by a muffin wrapped in its own plastic and a set of plastic silverware (including a spoon?) with a napkin which was wrapped in its own plastic. All of these items were encased in a cardboard box akin to a Happy Meal.
  • approximately 20 napkins

What can we do to stop so much trash from generating?

  • Bring your own water bottle to the airport and fill it before getting on the plane.
  • If you accept a complimentary beverage, save your cup for refills.
  • Do not accept food that you will not eat.  (Really wishing I would have followed this one at breakfast time because the “meal” was awful as plane food mostly is).
  • Bring fruit like oranges and bananas which grow their own packaging for snacks.

Any other ideas?


2 thoughts on “Trashy Travel Days

  1. I am surprised you even got food on your flight. I have NEVER gotten food on my flights to Hawai’i. ALSO – you got a DIRECT flight!? Did you fly into Kona or Honolulu?

    1. I was served breakfast! We flew on Hawaiian Air out of Phoenix. (The flight from Phoenix was half the cost of a flight from Denver. Jay and I flew into Phoenix the day before on Southwest and stayed with a friend). We flew from Phoenix to Honolulu then to Hilo (also on Hawaiian Air). Thanks for your suggestions on things to do/see while we are here. We have checked off many things on the list!

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